“You’re About To Discover The Key To Effortless Transformation – That Will Permanently Free You From Self-Doubt, Fear, Insecurity And Negative Thinking Forever, So You Confidently Create The Life-Style You’ve Always Wanted…”

“You Have More Potential Than You Could Possibly Use In This Lifetime.

Wouldn’t You Like To Finally Unlock It…?”

Dear Friend, I want to give you everything you need to create your ideal lifestyle and become the best possible version of yourself – the “real you”, that’s hiding just below the surface. Before I show you how that’s possible, I’d like to ask you a few life-changing questions…

“Have you ever experienced any of these…?”

When you’re on your own and no-one is watching, do you ever…

  • Hear an internal voice telling you that you are not good enough, in a brilliant variety of disempowering ways?
  • Spend an entire day in bed and just not want to face the world, and then when you finally snap out of it, feel like a failure because it’s just another day ‘wasted’?
  • No matter how hard you try, you never do ’enough’ to fit your image of the ‘perfect you’… You don’t work hard enough, exercise enough, meditate enough, earn enough, serve others enough etc.?
  • Try to work on your ‘mind-set’ but no matter what techniques you use, you’re struggling with it. Perhaps you’ve tried:
    • cool ‘mind-tricks’ like NLP or CBT;
    • journaling;
    • visioning;
    • tapping techniques;
    • self-improvement home study courses;
    • reading books by personal development ‘experts’;
    • and even learning about the ‘Law of Attraction’…
  • …and yet you still feel like you need to do more to improve yourself (and it’s starting to get expensive, frustrating and time-consuming…)?

When you think about how much you’ve achieved in your life, do you…

  • Have an image of where you thought you would be by your age and don’t feel like you’ve achieved anywhere near your potential?
  • Or maybe you’ve achieved great success in business or in your professional life – that other people look up to you for – but deep down feel a little lost because even though you’ve ‘made it’, you still don’t have you the joy you thought those successes would give you…?
  • Set goals and try working on them everyday, but even though you really want them, some days you just can’t get yourself to take action, and so you watch your dreams slip away, day after day?
  • Feel inspired when you look at the people you admire because they’ve achieved so much, but still can’t work out what your big contribution to the world is going to be?
  • Have a secret business/book/song you wanted to create but never had the guts (or perseverance) to follow through on it, or innocently gave it up for something more ‘practical’; or let your own inner resistance and fear of failure stop you from completing it?
  • Sit back and watch others fulfil their purpose in life, but you still aren’t sure what yours really is – and you crave the clarity and direction that would give your life a deeper sense of meaning?

“If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these common experiences, then you’re not alone…”
Thousands of people are reading this page, nodding along, and thinking the same thing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Because…

“All These Problems Are Just Symptoms Of The “Mind-Virus” That Has Plagued Humanity Since Its Dawn…”
Clouded by the ‘Mind-Virus’, you may have followed the advice of all the personal development ‘experts’, psychology ‘professionals’, and spiritual ‘gurus’ and despite some progress, you still continue to suffer. And what might really shock is that’s inevitable because it turns out… Most of the “experts” are clouded by the “Mind-Virus” too! Before I tell you what that the “Mind-Virus” is, let me tell you why it’s a good thing that you have this “Mind-Virus”. It’s a good thing because it shows you what your problems ISN’T… It ISN’T that…

  • you haven’t found the right personal development ‘technique’.
  • you haven’t been doing enough NLP or Hypnosis mind-tricks.
  • you haven’t been meditating, journaling, or visualizing enough.
  • you haven’t been working out consistently enough.
  • you’ve been procrastination or ‘putting things off’.
  • you’re lazy.
  • your family or your parents didn’t raise you right.
  • your income or level of education.
  • “that’s just the way life is” and…
  • you’re not working long enough or hard enough.

In fact… …It doesn’t matter how much you ‘get done’, or how hard you work. If you don’t cure the “Mind-Virus”, your problems will just get worse over time, and you’ll get more tired and drained, spinning your wheels in the rat-race. But, when you do finally free yourself from the “Mind-Virus”… …you’ll stop sabotaging yourself, you’ll achieve more than you ever dreamed possible, and you’ll get to enjoy your life to the fullest. So, what is the “Mind Virus”?

The “Mind-Virus” is the illusion that your feelings come from your circumstances, actions & achievements.
  And everybody is infected. That’s why, if you’re like most people, you’ve been trying to change your circumstances to change the way you feel. For example you’ve been trying to…

  • Feel like you’re ‘good enough’ through personal achievements
  • Feel better by ‘fixing’ your mind set and improving yourself
  • Feel loved by ‘working on’ your relationship or on your partner
  • Feel relaxed, productive and ‘in the zone’ by trying to keep up with your to-do list.

And so, you’ve fallen into the trap of working harder, doing more, beating yourself up for not doing enough, and then you still don’t feel fulfilled so you keep repeating the whole pattern over and over again.

“The problem is, it doesn’t work that way…”
If external actions & achievements solved your insecure thoughts & feelings, there wouldn’t be any…

  • Stressed out millionaires. But there are.
  • Couples who feel unloved. But there are.
  • Suicidal celebrities. But there are.
  • Depressed Olympic gold winners. But there are.
  • And the list goes on…

Perhaps by now you’d like to know…

“How To Permanently Free Yourself From The Mind-Virus…”
Your current level of thinking has brought you to where you are now, but you know it can’t take you where you really want to go… … or you’d already be there! If you’re ready to permanently free yourself from the “Mind-Virus” and clear out all of that ‘inner-stuff’ that’s been holding you back, then I want you to know that now there’s finally a way for you to let it all go. Here’s how…


“Effortless Transformation: The New Paradigm of Personal Development That Will Change Your Life Forever…”
 “In This Powerful 6 Module Program Designed To Create Deep Inner Lasting Transformation, You Will
  • Experience the power of ‘Effortless Transformation’ and be ‘injected’ with the cure for the “Mind-Virus”.
  • Permanently let go of insecure self-sabotaging thoughts so you experience a higher level of “self-mastery” than you ever thought possible
  • Free yourself from the thoughts and feelings that bring you down. Just by listening to the first couple of modules, your limiting beliefs will un-do themselves, and you’ll start feeling good for no reason at all!
  • Feel a deep sense of inner happiness that you don’t need to chase, or hold on to, because you’ll become familiar with its permanent source, deep within – so you know you’ll always have access to it.
  • Deeply realize that “Inner Peace” is your natural, default state so you can quickly come to terms with any external circumstance (no matter how dramatic)
  • Unlock an innate source of wellbeing & inner peace. No more struggling & wrestling with yourself. You’ll simply let all of that go…
  • Get “Clarity of Mind” – the key to high performance in any field, from the boardroom to the bedroom!
  • Become far more spiritually present, by discovering the only thing that ever pulls you out of presence, and learning to let it go…
  • Achieve Peak Performance in any field from sports to sales
  • Uncover your real dreams, which are always hiding beneath the toxic stress-ridden goals that come from a mind infected with the ‘Mind-Virus’.
  • Create an extraordinary inner-world that naturally tends to attract the people and things you really want more of
  • Love yourself and your life a whole lot more
  • When you’ve experienced the full power of Effortless Transformation, you’ll be permanently free from the Mind Virus – and ready to start contributing to the world in a much bigger way.
  • And for that you’ll need…

“How The Effortless Transformation Program Is Structured…”

  • This is a 6 module online training program that lays the tracks that will make your effortless permanent transformation inevitable. And I’ll be there with you every step of the way.
  • The 6 Modules go in-depth into the Law of Effortless Transformation & the 5 major life-changing implications of this law.
  • To make the most of the program, you can ‘kick-back’ and enjoy listening to or watching the 6 modules, just like you would a favorite movie, song or book.
  • If you want to deepen your understanding further, you can ask questions, clarify what the material you’re learning means in your own personal life and share your breakthroughs and transformational moments with me during our live Timeless Wisdom Mastermind Group Sessions!
  • When you sign up, you’ll be given access to our special members-only area where you can instantly access all of the training modules (which will be yours to keep for life).

“What’s The “Effortless Transformation” Program Worth…?”
I’ve been guiding my personal coaching clients through the “Effortless Transformation” system and on average I charge £500 per hour. So, if you wanted to hire me to teach you all this stuff, it would average out at about £3,000 for this 6-module program.

But, you won’t have to pay that much when you sign up today.

You’re going to get access to the entire Effortless Transformation system through this online training and I’m going to let you in at a much lower rate.

I’m going to give you access to EVERYTHING and personally teach it all to you online, for just…

What’s The Investment To Enjoy The “Effortless Transformation” Program And Permanently Change Your Life…?”

Approx. $700 USD

Your Effortless Transformation - Guaranteed.

If you don’t absolutely LOVE the Effortless Transformation program, let me know within the first 30 days of joining and I’ll give you a full instant refund, no questions asked.

“And, To Make This A Complete No-Brainer, Sign Up Now To Get All These Bonuses For FREE…”
BONUS 1 The “Taqwa Transformation Immersion Experience”

For the next 35 10 Students to Register Only:

Live Weekend Event in Central London (exact dates and location revealed inside the members area). Value: £1,000 We’ll get together in person for the most powerful weekend of your life, where you will:

  • deepen your level of consciousness
  • access your highest & best self
  • enjoy a deep sense of profound inner peace
  • gain unshakable, natural self-confidence
  • deeply connect with other awesome growth-oriented people
  • learn to be present, in the ‘flow’ & in ‘the zone’ most of the time
  • learn to be stress-free, regardless of how intense your circumstances are
  • access your deepest source of inner wisdom & intuition


BONUS 2 Direct Exclusive Access For On-The-Spot Coaching.

For the next 10 Students to Register Only: Get Phone and Text access to me directly during the program.
I will be totally available to you to facilitate your transformation, and help you absorb the material on a deeper level during this course. Just text me any time you feel the need to talk. Please note, I trust you to use this within reason when you really need it – this is not to be used for tech-support or customer service issues – we have a full time team member to deal with those things for you. VALUE: £5,000 – YOU GET IT FOR FREE

BONUS 3 The Effortless Transformation Online Community

Exclusive access to this completely judgment-free Facebook Group so you can connect with other growth-oriented members of this community who are on the same wavelength as you… with unlimited access to me. My hope is you’ll make life-long friends in this community. I’m very excited to get this going and connect with people who are looking in this direction. When you go through this level of deep transformation, I want to be there to support you as much as I can. VALUE: PRICELESS 

BONUS 4 Personal Breakthrough Session With Mamoon

During this powerful, 1-to-1 telephone-based coaching session,
you’ll work with Mamoon to…

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your most beautifully inspired life
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your attempts to master your nafs so you can create that vision
  • Create a 5-part plan to overcome these challenges and effortlessly take action after the session
  • Leave the session feeling energised, renewed & inspired to live as your highest, best, most awesome self, insha’Allah
  • And much, much more…


Approx. $720 USD

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